We are finished for the season 2021!


What are the rules to enter Croatia?
What is the refund policy?

The Croatian government has already published the terms to enter Croatia and you can do that freely if you are coming from ‘green zones’ or with:

  • negative PCR test from the EU list of approved PCR test or a negative antigen Covid test not older than 48 hours
  • vaccine certificate at least 14 days old showing that you have been fully vaccinated
  • positive PCR or antigen test at least 11 to 180 days old
  • take self isolation with the possibility of taking the test while isolating.

Although the recent signals from the Croatian government are highly positive, these are still uncertain times. In the event of rescheduling or postponing the event due to the pandemic, you are entitled to a refund of the party boat ticket.

We will provide you with a refund on any unused booking only if we are unable to hold the party boat given to this pandemic, in which case we will be entitled to charge transaction fees by third party side. However, if the party boat is scheduled as planned, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and inform you on the measures in force and provide you with all instructions and information.